You have a business to run. We get it. That’s why we do everything we can to make working with us as simple as possible. Just tell us what you want to accomplish and we take it from there. Whether it’s researching your competition, reinventing your website, profiling your customers or anything in between, our job is to make your job a little easier.

We do the heavy-lifting.

You only pay for the work you need.

Big agencies have big overhead to cover and guess who has to cover it? With FGT, the people who work on your project add real value to your project. You won’t see line-items for people you’ve never met doing jobs you’ve never heard of. Instead, you’ll get exactly what’s right for your business and your budget.

Nickle and diming just isn’t our style. If you need to talk with us, just call. If you want an opinion, just ask. Unless you drastically change the project (going from a Facebook Ad to a Super Bowl Ad for example) we just take care of it the way you would expect a true partner to take care of it.

We go above and beyond at every opportunity.

Our creative is actually creative.

Without getting into the whole “award-winning” cliché, we’ll put our work up against anyone. We don’t use plug and play website templates. We don’t create bland content. And we don’t sell off-the-shelf anything. All of our work is custom and focused on bringing your brand to life across media, across channels, and across anything else you need us to cross.

We know start-ups don’t always start out with a pile of cash lying around so our price structure is the most affordable on the market – especially for the level of marketing expertise you will receive.  How can we afford to do it? Because we plan on growing right along with you.

We’re affordable.

Your success is our success. (We meant it the first time we said it.)

We could continue this list forever, discussing how we have no contracts, no hidden fees, unlimited customization…but the best way to see if we’re right for your business is to talk to us. Got five minutes right now?

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